Thursday, May 31, 2012

It is nice to have her home.

Home is never the same when the MOM is gone, any kid will tell you.  Our house was no exception to this and even with all of the help we had, I am incapable of filling JaNae's shoes in the running of this household. I think she does a better job (even in a drugged up state) than I could ever do.  We are so thankful to JaNae's mom for being here and helping keep our lives in order... I'd be in the loonie bin without her help.

Here she is asleep in her own bed.

It has been rough transition to home care.  She had a terrible time getting out of the car to walk into the house.  She has slept during the day only to lie awake in the night at times.  She has also been the victim of a 5 year old who loves her and tries to give her unexpected and very painful hugs.  Overall though, I think we've been doing a good job caring for her.  We have helped her stand up and lie down.  I haven't dropped her when she needed help standing (which is very good.).  She has also been able to eat some real food and has enjoyed it (even though she has a decreased appetite so far.)

We have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow to pull her JP drain out and we hope he has some information about the pathology report for us.  JaNae didn't want her picture taken so I snuck one of her feet... she likes to sleep with her feet out.

PS.  The ducks are doing well and growing real feathers.

PPS.  Even though we won't be getting a dog, I was offered a cat today... I wonder if JaNae would mind if I got one... of course she wouldn't! (insert maniacal laugh here.)


  1. She looks so beautiful! She's got some lovely toes too. So glad you're all taking such great care of her. And don't try anything funny with the cat, Jeff. She's onto you!!!!!!!!! We luv u guys.

  2. JaNae, you look so great. Sounds like you have been very well taken care are lucky to have such an amazing husband and sweet mother, you have continued to be in my prayers. Love you JaNae, you are truly an inspirationto many people. I would love top come see you sometime this summer when and if you feel up to it.

  3. Yeah! She'a home! But I have a question. JaNae, why won't you get a dog? Although I will agree that cats are lower maintenance. (You can go on vaca and just leave 'em with food, water, and a litter box, unlike dogs, who you have to pay people to take care of!)
    We have loved our pets, and now the dog is the first thing the grandbabies want to see when they come throught the door, not us!!!
    But HAPPY you are home!!!

  4. Looking good! You know the answer to the cat Jeff! You have to say yes!

  5. i sleep with my feet out too janae! dont let him give you crap for it. :) you remain in our daily prayers... love you.

  6. You look like you are doing so great and I'm sure you are so happy to go home very soon! Your kids are so grown up. I can't believe your oldest son Walker is taller than you! I was trying to think if was the same age as my 2nd daughter Breanna. She is 13. I just want you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I read about your news on this blog and Facebook. You have such great faith and courage. Keep healing and smiling! Love, Steph adjustable bed