Saturday, May 26, 2012

Walking laps...

Well we have been walking laps around the floor.  It tires her out but is good for her.  While in bed she has to keep inflating wraps on her lower legs to prevent blood clots and walking helps prevent them also. Other patients were walking also but JaNae was the youngest by a decade or two.  While walking, she had to move over while she was passed by another patient.  This particular patient was particularly large and had a mighty generous posterior...  As the lady rounded the corner, she whispered "great! I just got lapped by badonkadonk!".  I started laughing and JaNae begged me not to laugh because laughing is painful for her.  I bit my tongue and cheek to stifle my chuckles and we made it around before badonkadonk lapped us again.   It makes me wonder if that word "badonkadonk or badunkadunk" is a universal word. Does anyone else use it?  JaNae's brother, Jon, is the one who introduced us to the word (at Great Wolf Lodge).  Since then, it seems to keep popping up...  and by the way, I don't mean for another patient to be the butt of our jokes.  


  1. Love this post, Jeff! I am thinking of you, JaNae, and sending prayers your way! I hope your recovery is QUICK and UNEVENTFUL! :) I am sure that your amazing attitude and sense of humor will speed the process along even faster! I didn't know you had moved to Boise. When we come down next time we will have to get together (we will be there the first weekend of July, just sayin')! By the way, Eric says hi to Jeff.

  2. OK, I just reread a message JaNae sent me on FB in September asking about an orthodontist in Boise because you just moved there....I'm such a ditz! Ha ha!

  3. Oh JaNae! Even though you are so tired and hurt so badly, you still look so beautiful! And having to wear those things around your legs for the blood clots is the worst, I know! Those of us who have done it need a medals for that alone! Hang in there, you are so loved and thought of often:)