Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 2...

Mom and daughter

JaNae has been sleeping and is tired and "itchy" from the narcotics.  I also think she is kind of bored at times... There was a channel on the hospital TV about how to change a diaper and how to properly hold a child while breast feeding but she wasn't really interested in that.  I left my ipad with her so she could surf the internet and watch movies on netflix...  I'll have to log onto netflix to see what she watches... maybe I'll post it on here though I bet it will be 47 episodes of "The Office"... and all of "Downton Abbey" Speaking of that, if you are a fan and have not seen Downton Arby's, here is a link... it's great!

Downton Arby's

waiting room "airport type screen"
She did get up and walk around the floor and  did well though it tired her out.  She has been drinking and has not been nauseated which is good.  She's being a pretty good sport.  I have a few photos from yesterday I'll add here.  I did take a pic of the pee bag... and have a great video of her mumbling something about H.E. double hockey sticks...  I'll have to think seriously about adding them later.  (She should have never asked me to blog!)

In her room

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