Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lightweight... She can't hold her morphine!

This is a video I took with my phone while teasing JaNae about getting a dog.  She said I could post it but she was drugged up when she said that.  I asked about a dog again and the answer was the same.  After watching it, I think she might have threatened to shoot me.  Did anyone else pick that up?  So if anything ever happens to me...  I'm just sayin'!


  1. Oh my gosh! Most hilarious thing I've ever seen... I'm so sorry JaNae! I don't mean to be laughing at your expense! It's just THOSE DUCKS, HAHAHA!!! Anyways, you look great and I hope you start feeling better soon. We are all routing for you and praying for you! We love you!!

  2. That was the cutest!! JaNae, how come you are so cute even after all that! You're amazing. That's all I can say.
    Love ya
    Deanna J

  3. JaNae makes me laugh even when she is recovering from surgery. Love that girl!

  4. ok so i go from crying reading the blog with the tender things said, the worry for you and the pain, to this. crying from laughter over this!!