Sunday, May 27, 2012

Whatcha gonna do today?

Seems like a stupid question now but I did ask her that this morning...  She looked at me with her "duh" look and said "Maybe I'll meander down to the gift shop with my pole and pee bag to buy some new earrings...  What do you think I'm going to do?"  Then she started laughing... and holding her belly grimacing in pain and laughing at the same time.  So we made a list of things for her to do.

1. Enjoy her "full" liquid diet.....of warm mushy cereal and broth.  I don't know what is full about it.
2. Sponge bath... wash her hair if they'll let her (She's afraid she looks like Medusa.)
3. Find something good to watch on TV
4. Walk a few laps and build up some speed to pass Badonkadonk.
5. Push the pain pump button every time she thinks about dogs or ducks.
6.  Dream about her own bed and being able to walk around in bare feet.
7. Fantasize about her perfect husband...  sigh...
8. Mentally prepare to go home to 4 children in a few days
9. Stare out the window (with a kinked neck) at the foothills.
10.  Con Jeff into breaking the Sabbath and smuggling in a milkshake.

The ducks... (they are much bigger now.)


  1. Wow. You are even busy when you are in the hospital! This is definitely an entertaining blog to read. So sorry it is because of your struggles and experiences right now, but it is refreshing to hear your humor is still around. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your recovery. You are a tough mama! If you are going to break the Sabbath, at least make it worth it and go to BR. :)

  2. I don't think I know the story of the ducks.. I'm sure it involves some sort of hilarity (is that a word?).. anyway their picture sure is cute...I hope you guys are doing well and JaNae is feeling better each day...I say go for the milkshake..JaNae can just flash her "C" card if there are any questions :) Take care.

  3. You look amazing Janae! Glad your kids got to see you. Keep up the good work with recovery. I hope each day gets significantly better! Thinking of you!

  4. Hey JaNae/Jeff....Thanks for sharing your blog! I have been thinking about you a lot this past week. Glad to hear the surgery went well!!
    JaNae... I spoke with your mom about meals coming in, but here is an update: Donna Palmer has Monday, Allison Dowland and Tammy Walker will bring dinner Wednesday and I would love to do Friday. Your mom said she will be taking the 3 youngest with her this week?? So I will plan on 3 for Friday, but let me know if plans change. Talk to you soon :)

  5. Jeff! What a greeat blogger you are! (also you are a traitor to be asking for a dog!!! Cats are the best remember?)

    JaNae, I am Jeff's friend from college forever ago. I wish you a speedy recovery and sure admire your good attitude during this scary time.

    Best wishes and I willl be checking in on you all!

  6. You look like you are doing so great and I'm sure you are so happy to go home very soon! Your kids are so grown up. I can't believe your oldest son Walker is taller than you! I was trying to think if was the same age as my 2nd daughter Breanna. She is 13. I just want you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I read about your news on this blog and Facebook. You have such great faith and courage. Keep healing and smiling! Love, Steph adjustable bed