Thursday, May 24, 2012

She's in a room!

So... six hours after she was wheeled away, I finally got to see her again.  Waiting in a waiting room for that long is a very stressful thing.  I'll have more compassion for people who are worried and waiting for news about loved ones.  I'm so glad her parents were waiting with me. It would have been much harder alone.

She is now in and out of sleep and will wake and talk to me every few minutes.  Pill thinks I should ask if we can get a dog while she's drugged up... as if ducks weren't enough...  (Ok I have to admit that I did ask her about the dog and she said "I'm not THAT drugged up!"  Blast! Foiled again!)

When they brought her in here, they slid her from a gurney to the bed and she cried out in pain a little bit... then they hooked her up to the pain pump. She's been pushing the button and then falls asleep every 15 minutes.  (I think she pushed the button twice when I asked about the dog.)

I have to put this in here just for the record...  Two days ago at a pre-op appointment, the nurse was taking her temperature and her gum got stuck to the thermometer!  It was hilarious.  We loved this nurse because she is so funny and she laughed until her eyes were watering and she was holding her sides.  At a previous visit, the nurse mentioned how she hates feet and can't imagine anyone wanting to be a podiatrist because they see feet all day long.  I said "Well don't you work for a colo-rectal surgeon? Don't you look at butts all day long?"  She started laughing and we all laughed until we had tears in our eyes.  She said that she had never thought about it that way.

Anyway I'm here hanging out in her room and providing a little conversation in her lucid periods... I wonder how much of this she'll remember.  I took a photo of her when they first brought her in here... I may post it later...  she looks swollen in the face...Come to think of it, I'd better get a photo of the pee bag hanging off the side of the bed before she wakes up and knows what I'm doing...  She's going to love reading this blog!


  1. Oh...Jeff you are in so much trouble for the pee bag comment! So Much Trouble.

    Loves to both of you!

  2. So glad surgery went well...only you guys can make colorectal cancer so it!!! wish you guys the best..I've told JaNae before that she is one of my most favorite people ever..goes for her family as well... and I think that nurse would enjoy one of JaNae's "novelty" cakes..she would never look at butts or her work the same :)
    Take care and love to you all..