Saturday, May 26, 2012

JaNae's email she sent to family on May 4th- her own words...

Just wanted to give an update on everything that is going on here. I wanted to call you all individually, but decided to send out the email....sorry that it is impersonal! We have been doing well and trying to wait patiently as all the information has been gathered. I had an appointment with the surgeon this morning. He and his staff have been so great---we were excited to meet with him to go over the findings from the ultrasound that took place on Monday. He was able to look at the tumor and also the lymph nodes that are in the area. He was not able to see that any of them had been effected. So....the options for us are narrowed down, which is a good thing, because decisions cause me stress. This week I also have seen a genetic counselor and have mapped out my family tree and all of the cancers/diseases that both sides of my family have had. It is a crazy gene pool. We have ordered some genetic testing to see if they can find what the problem is. They are testing for Lynch Syndrome and Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. If any of those come back negative, which is a positive deformed gene, it could affect the surgery that they have penciled in for Thursday May 24th. We are waiting (bleh) 3 weeks in hopes that the genetic tests will come back within that time. The surgeon is not concerned with that wait in regards to my health. It is possible that with the resection surgery that I will also have a full hysterectomy. After the surgery they will test the tumor and also the lymph nodes that they remove....and we will pray that everything looks good. And if it does...I will just have to have the resection surgery and not any chemo/rad. That is our hope! And what a huge, huge blessing that would be.

We are so incredibly thankful and overcome with all of the love, prayers and fasting that have been offered in our behalf. We have felt them in our home and are so grateful. Thank you for being so kind and concerned. We are so blessed with an amazing support system....thank you for being part of that. We are staying positive and have faith that everything will turn out well. We are feeling comfort and peace. Emotionally we are a little spent as we have ridden this little roller coaster ride. The next few weeks will be busy with the children as they are finishing up the school year. We will stay occupied in hopes that the next weeks will go smoothly and quickly.
As for now..I need a huge nap and maybe a little bit of chocolate!
We will be in touch!

Love to you all!

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  1. JaNae,
    You're so sweet! I am so glad you are updating us so we know how you are doing. We pray for you and your sweet family. I think about you every day and hope you know we love you!