Wednesday, May 30, 2012

She is coming home!

She will be coming home today!
She is still very sore and moving slowly but the IV is out and we can take her home when she's ready to go.  I'll  take some photos of her (if she'll let me) and post when she's home. We are continually grateful for the love and support.  -Jeff

PS.  These are texts taken from her phone.  This is what happens when an almost 13 year old has a phone and fast thumbs.

"We are coming."
"In the parking garage"
"On the stairs"
"Crossing the street"
"In the revolving door"
"In the front entry"
"Pushing the elevator button"
"In the elevator"
"Pushing 6th floor"
"Riding up"
"Getting out"
"In the hall"
"passing fishtank"
"by desk 2"
"In the doorway"
"Looking at mom."


  1. Those texts are super funny. HAPPY for you all to get your mom back! I do know after I had a big surgery I had to stay in my room mostly alone to mentally handle healing and all the kids. Take good care of her!

  2. Finally! I am just now sitting down to read this blog. Good work Jeff, this blog is really sweet and funny. JaNae, good work to you too. I'm so sorry that you're in pain, but we're so glad that everything went well. I will continue to check often to see how you are doing. I did see quite a few badonkadonks on the cruise but unfortunately wasn't able to take any pictures. They all made me think of you though!

  3. hoping everything "comes out" ok!

  4. You look like you are doing so great and I'm sure you are so happy to go home very soon! Your kids are so grown up. I can't believe your oldest son Walker is taller than you! I was trying to think if was the same age as my 2nd daughter Breanna. She is 13. I just want you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I read about your news on this blog and Facebook. You have such great faith and courage. Keep healing and smiling! Love, Steph adjustable bed