Friday, June 1, 2012

#@!!%!.....#@!!%!.....#@!!%! (insert your favorite swear word here.)

We had an appointment today with the surgeon.  He pulled out the JP drain and was kind of funny about it.  He told JaNae to brace herself and he'd pull it out on the count of three... Then he yelled "3!" and gave it a sharp yank.  Out it came with only a small yelp of pain from JaNae.  He told us she was doing well and healing wonderfully...  but he had some "not so great news."   There was cancer in one of her lymph nodes.  (Only one out of 28 nodes had cancer.) This classifies it as metastatic and puts her at a Stage IIIa.  ...My wife has metastatic colorectal cancer... In other words we will be meeting with two different oncologists to discuss radiation and chemotherapy. We were so hoping that surgery would be all that was needed and spent the day feeling heavy hearted about it.  The thought of radiation and chemotherapy is overwhelming.  I think we even cussed a few times (but I don't remember for sure...  it's all a blur.)

On a lighter note, I got her a few shirts to wear around town.  Here are the kids modeling them for us... Do you get it?


  1. Was so hoping surgery was all that was needed..dang it...and a few swear words..and a few more...I'm so sorry...just know how loved you are.. I hope the heaviness in your hearts can soon be replaced w peace and comfort...I am grateful that the cancer was caught and that there are treatment options to help will get thru will just get to use your C card a bit longer than we were hoping...I will do
    whatever you need to you guys ...PS..the shirts are very clever :)

  2. I stared at the shirts for way too long before I got it. I'm a slow one! I wish we lived closer so we could be at your side JaNae. I am grateful Jeff is doing an awesome job with the blog to keep us updated. We miss you and your family love you even more. We are here for you always!

  3. so sad to hear it. i don't know what to say.

    in hopes of making you laugh, (btw, your laugh remains one of my very favorites.) i thought you might like my latest jackson story. So this morning he woke up and wandered right into the bathroom to go potty. i was pleased with that. then promptly comes back out with a sad face and no pull-up (or as he says, 'pup-pup'). He says "my bum is broken!" then turns around and separates his butt cheeks to show me! he was so upset! i tried to explain that all bums are like that but he wasn't buying it. I said, go find your pants. he said "my can't. my broken." and stood there with slumped shoulders.

  4. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

  5. So sorry for the latest news. Thank you so much for the courage to share so openly the pains of your hearts...I truly believe that you will be blessed by the prayers of those who love and care about your family. When we share we are able to be supported by fasting and prayer by those who would not otherwise be aware. I'm afraid I would still be laying in bed with the blankets over my head!

    Love you two.