Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Sunday again... and updates.

Time is going by fast. Overall, JaNae has been feeling pretty well physically.  Emotionally, things have been hard. The anticipation and fear of the unknown cause a lot of anxiety and takes it's toll on us. The chemotherapy starts a week from tomorrow. The closer it gets, the more anxiety we seem to feel. She is scheduled to get the port implanted in her chest on Friday.  We have been told that getting a "power port" is the best way to go,  but still... thinking of something being surgically implanted is kind of sickening.  I worry that the new lump by her collar bone will be a constant reminder of what we are going through.

The highlight of our week was having one of JaNae's great friends (who does amazing things with a camera) take some family photos.  We will post  some of the pictures when they are done.  The experience was fun and the kids behaved most of the time.  I was a little nervous about trespassing but it turned out ok. Thank you so much, Bobbi.

Last week we spent 3 hours at the cancer center going through an orientation and learning about what to expect.  It was a wonderful class and the nurse was very nice.  There were other cancer patients in attendance with their families but we were the youngest couple there by several decades. I think all of the others in the class were smokers who were there for lung cancer.  (If you are reading this and smoke, please stop today.)  From the comments of some of the other patients, I presume that their treatments are palliative.  I felt so bad for everyone there...  but looking at them and then looking at JaNae, I can see how cancer can be so unfair and I hate it.

 One of the spouses in the class reminded me of a living Egyptian mummy.  Seriously, I was totally shocked to find out she wasn't a cancer patient.  Anyway, this skeleton lady was passing out business cards and making sure we all knew about her aromatherapy business.  JaNae was rolling her eyes the upstaging of the presentation.  We did feel empathy for the others and don't want to make light of their illnesses.  We know that they too are anxious, afraid and in pain.

  Then the presentation took a turn we did not expect,  they passed out a little booklet about how to have physical intimacy when you have cancer.  It was quite detailed.  These old coots were grabbing up the little booklets and were very excited to read them... Maybe they needed some tips. I could tell JaNae was a little red in the face as she added the book to her stack of reading materials.

Today was fast Sunday in LDS circles.  JaNae likes to refer to testimony meeting as "Open Mic Sunday" because you never know what you will hear.
(For our non-LDS friends, Fast Sunday is generally the 1st Sunday of the month.  We have a tradition of fasting for 2 meals and giving the money we would have spent on food to help support members of our congregations who are in need.  We also have a testimony meeting where members can share their thoughts,  feelings, and testimonies.) 
Anyway, today there were some excellent testimonies shared.  The crowning jewel of the meeting was when a six year old girl got up and started by telling about how her uncle caught her a bullfrog.  I'm sure everyone in the room was wondering where this story was going... She continued by describing how they poked holes in the lid of a container for it to get air and by they way she spoke about it, I imagined that she was very pleased to have a frog for a pet.  But alas, in the morning the frog was gone, it had escaped. She was very upset and couldn't find it anywhere.  She decided to pray and ask her Father in Heaven to help her find the lost bullfrog. She went to school and while at school, her mother found the missing amphibian and returned it to the cage. She said when her mother called her to let her know that what was missing had been found,  she was very excited. She said "I know that Heavenly Father answered my prayer."  There was a very good feeling in the room as that little girl spoke with faith and conviction.  

That got me thinking...  When I was a lot younger, a lost a large bullsnake in my mother's new car.  (It's a long story.)  It went under the carpet and up behind the dashboard.  We were afraid it would die in there. (and ruin that new car smell.)  To make a long story short, we prayed that the snake would come out of the car and it did.  I was very relieved that it came out and I felt that my prayer was answered also. 

If a Father in Heaven answers the prayers of children who lost a frog or misplaced a snake,  I have to believe He will answer the prayers of countless friends and family as JaNae prepares for chemotherapy.  I pray for her daily also. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. 

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  1. Anxious to see the photos...your family pictures r always guys are always in my thoughts....good luck w things Friday and Monday....when I was running the fun runs around here (an oxymoron by the way) someone told me the best way to run a hill is to put your head down and keep one foot in front of the other...eventually youre at the top...I pray you guys can have some comfort and feel
    strength as you begin this you guys..