Friday, July 6, 2012

Waiting again...

This room is familiar.  In fact I'm sitting I'm sitting in the same chair I was in as I started this blog on May 24th.  JaNae was just taken away to pre-op and they told me I'd be able to see her in about an hour.  Then she'll have the port implanted and I'll be able to see her afterward in recovery.

I wasn't prepared for the anxiety that set in as we walked into the waiting area.  JaNae doesn't have memories of this room, but last time I sat here for 6 hours watching the airport style monitor telling me where she was. The same nurse is sitting at the desk but I don't think she remembers me.  I have to report to her every time I leave the room so she knows where to get a hold of me.  I walked across the hall to get a diet coke and someone came running after me to be sure I wasn't leaving.  Oh look!  Some of the magazines are still the same... 

Her surgery today will be very mild compared to the last one and she is much more calm about it. I'm glad.  It is hard to watch her be stressed out and anxious.  

It's already been 20 minutes...  There is a soap opera on the TV and some older women are watching it.  Every time I look at the screen, this one character is kissing a different guy.    There is a woman off to my right eating chips and her bag is noisy and annoying.  I see a family in a huddle across the room with a priest leading them in prayer.  They look very concerned...  I hope things go well for their loved one.  Now the soap is back on and that woman is talking to a guy with no shirt on... he is unrealistically ripped and I notice the old women all stop talking to stare at the guy on the screen...  I'd rather be watching animal planet.

It's been 55 minutes, a nurse came to get me.  JaNae was ready to go and I got to talk with her for a few minutes before they gave her some medicine that made her sleepy.  I did get another video of drunk JaNae before they took her away that I'll share with her family but probably not post it... I'm sure she'd veto it if I tried.  At one point she suddenly rolled toward me and asked, "What did I step in?"  She said she thought she was sweeping the floor and stepped in something gross.  Then she started giggling.  Her giggling quickly turned into a deep sleep and before long, they came to take her to the OR.

It's now been 2 hours since they first took her to pre-op and I have been told to wait in this little consultation for the surgeon. It's pretty small... just the right size for a prison cell...  They closed the door too.  I wonder if they locked me in...  He should be here within about 20 minutes.

The surgeon came by and said everything went well. The port is in place and JaNae is awake.  He said  I should be able to see her in about 45 minutes.  I hope she is feeling well and not having any pain.

It's been almost an hour... I hope they come get me soon.  Maybe I need to learn patience.

I got to see her in recovery, she was awake and in good spirits.  The nurse was friendly and had a good sense of humor.  She told me that when JaNae was drugged up, she was being silly and said to the surgeon "You're the bomb!"  JaNae says she can't remember saying that...maybe I should be worried. LOL!

After an hour or so, they lest us leave.  She felt every bump on the way home...  but we are home.  Safe and happy.

Getting started.
Ready to go... do you like the new haircut?

Holding hands while she snoozes.


  1. Jeff, so sorry you had to be in that same waiting room and closed in small room waiting for the surgeon. I almost had a panic attack thinking about it. So glad things went smoothly for JaNae. Hope the soreness resolves quickly. Sleep well tonight. Love you guys!

  2. I could feel a small portion of your anxiety about being in the 'same' room waiting. I have had some stress unexpectedly hit me when my senses remember a place or setting.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Love and Prayers from the Ellis Family