Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A bruised port

For those interested, this is what JaNae's port looks like.  She's tired of me telling her to show it to people.  She has been a pretty good sport but I really think she feels like a lab rat at times.  She's feeling a lot better than she did last week... but I can tell she's facing the next infusion with some apprehension.

Sunday was a good relaxing day  we had some family drop by with a book for her to read which was very nice.  We had a delicious dinner brought to us by church friends and I hope JaNae can talk them out of the recipe because it was good!  Then we had some other friends over for an ice cream treat.  They have some kids that are similar ages so the kids had a blast and everyone seemed to get along.  It was a lot of fun and we feel lucky and blessed to have met so many great people in the year that we have lived here. It sure has gone by fast.

People have asked for an update on the ducks...  They no longer come to see us or beg for food.  They appear to be very content living in the creek behind our house and as far as we can tell, they have not been harassed in any way by male ducks who may try to take advantage.   I have had other people who have offered to show me how to roast and eat them, but I think I'll pass on their generous offer.

That's a pretty nice bruise.


  1. it looks like something is going to burst out of it at any second... have you seen aliens with sigourney weaver?
    Hoping your body can get the rest it needs- VaLyn

  2. JaNae--I wish I could do more to help. We have been keeping you in our prayers and you are always in my thoughts. Stay strong--you are amazing!!


  3. JaNae! I just realized that you are dealing with the cancer-schmancer! i'm sick about it, as are you, obviously. in all seriousness, please know you are in my prayers. and speaking from a bit of experience with this...it'll be better soon! all my love to you!!!
    amy guthrie hulse