Tuesday, July 3, 2012

They Say It's Your Birthday!

JaNae's Birthday was on the 3rd.  

It was a good day, but a hard day. 
We woke up to this staring us.  Whitney is the mastermind of any and every PAR-TAY at our house.  She spent days making tissue paper flowers to decorate the house with, along with cute signs and her newest project, balloon animals and creations.  The boys are so lucky to have a sister like her, just as we are blessed to have her as a daughter.

JaNae had an appointment with her Surgeon early in the morning for one last exam before we meet with Oncology and start the big guns.
He had her do a prep that made her sick for the majority of the day.  Not so fun.
I had to go into work for a few minutes, but the children were good to her.   They adore her...:)  You can see a little bit of her shorter hair in these pictures.  She is still getting used to the length, but we think it looks good!

She felt better in the evening so we were able to sneak out alone and do a little Birthday shopping and dinner.  When we arrived home, we furiously finished getting ready for JaNae's younger brother to visit for a few days, all the way from Seattle. It is so good to be around family and enjoy good company at this time.  It is going to be a busy and fun week!

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