Saturday, June 23, 2012

Worst husband ever!

Well, I hate to admit it but it turns out that I am one of the worst husbands of all time.  I know there have been some bad ones throughout history... but today I realized I'm worse than I thought.

It all started with a Father and son's camp out.  I took my 2 youngest boys and we had a great time.  We took the boat and actually slept in the boat instead of setting up a tent.
A sleepy 8 year old.

We had a partial roof but could still see the stars. It was cool but  not cold and the night was very calm.  We made smores and even roasted some Starbursts over the fire. (Try it if you never have before.)  We had a great campfire discussion that included a joke telling contest.  There were probably 50 people around the fire and some of the jokes were pretty funny.   Wyatt yelled "I have a joke about a Mexican but it's not racist!" and that elicited more laughter than the joke itself did.
A 5 year old waking up

We pulled lots of kids around on a tube and had a few spills.  There were kids catching fish right and left (though I didn't catch any.)  And this morning the pancakes and bacon were excellent.

Anyway, I guess none of that explains why I am a bad husband, so here it is...  After I pulled the boat out of the garage, JaNae saw what a mess it was and cleaned the garage while I was gone...  So basically, I'm off boating and camping while my wife who just had surgery for cancer and is preparing for chemotherapy stayed home and cleaned the garage...  I feel kinda like a putz.


  1. Oh man, I'm just like JaNae. I would totally do something like that. Jeff you're not a bad husband, I bet it made her feel better getting up and cleaning. I don't know why it does, it just does. Its a curse really. You boys sounded like you had a fun trip and made some great memories, even if they were racist!

  2. Aaaaah, it's totally a woman thing...we can't help ourselves. Doing too much landed me into another surgery though so tell JaNae to chill. Sounds like a fun father and sons, Josh skipped the tent thing too and they slept in the car :)

  3. Hey JaNae, I found a website with lots of good info. It's There is a lady named Connie Hadlock, that used to be one of my instructors at Suzuki Camp. She was soooooo much fun. She still teaches but it's in Caldwell. However, she might be able to give you some good insight on teachers. Also, Suzuki camp is closed for this summer, but maybe next year. You can see all the fun stuff on the website. I think Whitney would love it. I'll let you now about some good books too. Take care and i'll be sending music asap.

  4. We absolutely cannot wait to be with you guys this week! Your campout sounds like so much fun. See you soon!