Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Round 1

Round One of Chemotherapy went well.  We arrived at the hospital around 8am, and were surprised at what all this long infusion appointment entailed.   They took me back right away and accessed my new shiny port, that was placed on Friday and was very bruised and sore.  Over the weekend I was the time master with the clock excited for when time passed and allowed me to take more pain meds.  My chest, arm and shoulder area made me miserable.

We were instructed to place some numbing cream over the port area 90 minutes before my appointment time....it was heaven sent as all as I felt was pressure.  (Insert hallelujahs here.)  They drew some blood, through the accessed port, for my baseline numbers.  And then we played a game of ping-pong, back and forth with the MSTI office seeing the Medical Oncologist and Social Worker and Pharmacist.  Everyone was so great and accommodating, but I must admit that halfway through the Social Worker part, I mentally checked out because of the anxiety I felt to start the Chemo.  Around 10:00 we moved into a nice sunny private room to begin. 

The Port, Tubing, and My Man Hands 
For the next 5 hours I received various sorts of cocktails of saline fluids, anti nausea meds, sleepy meds, calcium/magnesium meds, stupid chemotherapy meds, more calcium/magnesium meds, and one more push of chemotherapy meds....and for the next 46 hours I get to pack around a pump of more chemotherapy.  (It is 5 fluorouracil...or more appropriately named, 5 FU, and after writing and saying that I feel like the Bishop and I need to go have a chat!)  I was waited on hand and foot and was even served lunch.  I feel like I have no appetite, so Jeff helped me decide...and then ate what I didn't want.  It was perfect.  He did order me a little milk shake that was delish.   I was happy to enjoy it...because halfway through my infusions anything cold that I swallowed hurt going down, as in glass shards scraping the esophagus.  Nice!  We were surprised at how fast that side effect presented itself...but I am now a fan of drinking room temperature/warm drinks.  I also noticed tingling in my hand and feet..and that my hands feel pain when washing them with sink water that is on its way from cold to warm.....
It is the weirdest sensation that Oxalyplatin has graced me with! 
 And I am bringing Sexy Back with this awesome Fanny Pack.  (It holds my 5 FU Pump)
The last time I remember wearing one of these bad boys was in the late 80's at Disney Land.
 The nurse mentioned that there are some people that place it in a little side bag that hangs over your shoulder.  I told her that I probably paid way too much for this beauty, and that I am going to wear it with pride.  I may even Bedazzle it!  (any great ideas?...let me know!)  We get to go back for a disconnect on Wednesday afternoon, and then I will be free from the Fanny Pack for the next 12 days. 

After 4:00 we escaped the confines of that sunny private room, and ran a few errands on the way home. It felt good to not be in bed, and to move around without being slave to the pole. We came home and did a few things around the house and then I slept off more of my sleepy meds.  When I woke up my hands and feet were feeling little shocks (like I stuck something into a light socket) and then tingling....I needed a major distraction so Jeff took me out again for Costco, wash a car, grab some dinner run.  It was just what I needed and I am thankful for him and his constant support and pampering.  I am grateful that he is mine.
The house has been quiet and peaceful, as the kids are partying with my angel parents until later today.  I am so thankful for the break, but will be happy when they are home again.   
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  1. Wow! I'm so glad that it went well so far! I was thinking about you all day yesterday (not to sound creepy or anything! ;) But I'm relieved that you were able to rest and I hope you continue to feel comfortable... as comfortable as possible anyway!!!

  2. OH man you very brave girl!!!! I'm so proud of your strength. And I must say, no one can rock a fanny pack like you can; bejewled or not. Keep resting and keep letting that Jeff pamper you tons.

  3. Relieved for you that the first one/not knowing what to expect is past. Maybe a teeny bit of anxiety gone? Prayed for you all day long.

  4. Oh. my. heck. The fanny pack is back. Tom loves them, he thinks they are very functional. Functional, maybe. I know you've always wanted fashion advice from Tom. I say FU5 to the pack too! Love you.

  5. You know...Mom is pretty handy with a sewing machine and I'm sure she could whip out some little pockets that she could then sew into your pants. You and Carter could be pump buddies!! Sorry you have to wear a Disney Land throw back from the late 80's. Throw in some neon sunglasses and a skinny tie and you would be the BOMB! But, at least it's black and "goes" with everything. Is there room for snacks in that baby? You know...like a luke warm Capri Sun and some warm-from-my-FU5-fanny-pack gummy bears? -just saying...I think that would be...like...cool.

    You look beautiful in these pictures. Much too pretty to be in a hospital.

    Hang in there.

  6. Janae, you do look amazing for a fanny packing, cocktail infused patient. I love your "short" hair which in my world is actually very long hair. You are so brave and I love you. Have you thought about maybe collecting some duck feathers to hot glue on that pack?

  7. Love the fanny pack!!!! I totally remember my Dad wearing a fanny pack to Lagoon and such...good times! You look amazing, fanny pack and all :)

  8. Love the fanny pack!!!! I totally remember my Dad wearing a fanny pack to Lagoon and such...good times! You look amazing, fanny pack and all :)

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