Saturday, July 14, 2012

The sickness seems to be passing...

JaNae did well on Monday and Tuesday, and then began to feel a little nauseous and fatigued on Wednesday. Wednesday night was very long. I think JaNae probably woke up every 15 minutes all night. None of us got very much rest. The next morning I had to teach a lecture and I felt like my brain was made out of mush.

Something I didn't expect to find when I came home for lunch on Thursday was JaNae lying on the bathroom floor pale as a sheet, as miserable as I had ever seen her. It is a very helpless feeling to watch her suffer so much. We made several phone calls to our doctors trying to see if there was anything else we could do, but really just needed some time to pass for her to feel better. 

Thursday night was even worse... I honestly do not remember JaNae ever having a night where she was so uncomfortable. Friday, I worked in clinic all day and had the worst headache I had experienced for years, but made it through the 10 hour shift. By last night, she was a lot better but we went to bed early. We were both completely spent. Then this morning she was feeling pretty good... Not much nausea or abdominal pain. We went out with the kids for a walk and a treat. I hope she doesn't have to experience that again. I also want everyone to know that we would have been lost without the support of friends and family. JaNae's mom was a blessing in our home this week. Thank you.

On a lighter note... I wanted to add some lines from our 5 year old. He discovered a stash of Popsicles in the freezer in the garage and after sneaking and eating 5 of them and developing a tummy ache... He said "I think I caught cancer!"

Then the other night I was lying on his bed telling the kids a story which is a nightly tradition in our house, and I was so tired I nearly fell asleep telling it. I didn't want to move. The little bugger was trying to kick me off his bed and I said that I might as well just sleep all night right where I was. He then said "if you do that, I'll go get in your bed and kiss your lady all night!"  That got me up and out of there!


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  1. Hey JaNae... just spent a while catching up with your posts! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. I think your haircut is the way :)