Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting ready for the oncologist

JaNae is doing well and recovering from surgery. She is moving better every day and feeling more like herself. She even let me take her out on a little date but gets sore quickly if she does too much.  The 3 youngest kids have been off with cousins and are coming home today. They have had a great time and I'm sure they have probably been spoiled.  A few days ago our youngest told JaNae that he wants to come home just for a visit and then go back with cousins.  Last night he announced that he was home sick and she's so glad he wants to come home.

Walker has been a big help to us and has taken good care of his mom.  He had his 13th birthday and told us it was one of his best birthdays ever... even though his presents were sloppily wrapped in Christmas paper.  We have had some great one on one time with him.  It's been amazing how much cleaner the house stays with only 3 of us here. We have been so thankful for the support of friends and family as we go through this.  People keep calling and asking what they can do for us.  Right now we are doing great and are mostly OK.  As treatment starts, things may be different but today we are happy and feeling pretty good.

Monday, we meet the first of two oncologists.  When we first found out the cancer had spread to a lymph node, we were quite deflated and had a lot of anxiety about going through the next steps of treatment.  Luckily, an old friend of mine married a great guy who just happens to be a radiation oncologist.  She suggested I call him.  I did and he was very helpful in answering questions we had and alleviated some of my main concerns.  I feel a lot better about seeing our local oncologist because I kind of know what to expect and have been thinking of more questions I want to ask.

I haven't been writing as much recently because there really hasn't been any news...  The ducks are growing and we moved their stinky pen out of the yard. JaNae would have liked me to put them in the neighbor's yard but I put them behind our fence next to the creek. I'll open the gate to the pen and let them come and go as they wish.  (More emphasis on the go.)  We just don't want them to sit on our back patio.  Walker got a blow gun for his birthday (once again, mom was sick so dad did the shopping.) and she has given him permission to guard the patio with it.  I mentioned that next year we should only get two ducks and I got a pretty good dose of "stink eye".  I wonder if her "stink eye" look is similar to getting radiation because I felt a few pre-cancerous cells die off when she looked at me like that. (So maybe we'll just get one.)



  1. I'm so glad JaNae is feeling better! Thanks for the update! We've been wondering when you would be able to meet with the oncologist... I think it's just rude that you've had to wait a whole week!!! ;) (at least you were able to talk to someone and get some answers in the meantime!)

    Good luck on Monday! Our thoughts are with you as always!!!

  2. Thank you for the updates Jeff! I love the blog. It is nice knowing how you guys are doing. Glad JaNae is feeling better. Good luck on Monday! Please let us know what we can do to help. We would love to come grab your kids sometime... Just call!