Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10th dose of Chemo

JaNae had her 10th treatment yesterday.  She came home from the cancer center feeling quite drugged up and sleepy.  She slept pretty well last night which was a change because she has been really having a hard time staying asleep.  Personally, I think it's the steroids causing her to have long nights...  JaNae has never had a hard time sleeping before this.  In fact, she has fallen asleep in movies at the theater before and usually falls asleep whenever we watch a video.  For the past few weeks however, she wakes up around 2am and reads a book or stalks facebook/blogs until about 4am.  Then she is groggy all day. Don't worry, I'm keeping an eye on her.  

She is doing well over all.  Her white blood cell count is still quite low.  When she goes in tomorrow to get her pump disconnected, she is going to get an injection of Neulasta which is a long acting granulocyte stimulating factor to increase her white blood cell count so her immune system can work properly.  I have heard that this injection costs several thousand dollars for one injection.  They told us the main side effect is bone pain because it works in the bone marrow.  Hopefully it's not too bad. 

Today, has been an anomaly, she has not felt terribly ill.  She has been up and actually went shopping which she has never done the day after chemo... it makes me wonder if she actually got the chemo.  We are not complaining about the way she feels, in fact we are really hoping she feels this well tomorrow and the rest of the week.  It's just so strange how unpredictable things are.  In fact tonight I think I feel more tired than she does... I think I'll go to bed. 

I could not resist this picture...  

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