Sunday, February 17, 2013

Curious to know a favorite chant I learned from my Mother that I share with my children when they are whining and inflicting me with their lack of pain tolerance?  

"Oh my Finger, Oh my Thumb, Oh my Belly, Oh my Bum."

Well, what goes around comes around...and I can honestly say with my lack of pain tolerance and empathy that my whole body aches.  Even though I felt relatively well after my infusion, the last few days, I have been a miserable mess.  My 36 year old body has jumped into a 90 year old's.  I think it is all due to that stupid white blood cell stimulator, Neulasta!   I have had a hard time sleeping at night and resting during the day.  My brain won't shut off.  I have hot flashes like they are going out of style. In addition to my body head and jaw aches and my mouth is sore.  Not to mention my pitiful bowels. 
 (Tired of my belly aching yet?)
It is crazy what all of these cancer fighting drugs are doing to this body.  I have been emotional thinking that I have to endure this 2 more times....and then get emotional that I am this far...and thankful that I only have another month to feel like garbage.  

(Stepping down from my Negative Nancy Soap Box)  

I can't believe that Valentines has come and gone.  I did not take a single picture, which makes me sad!  The children enjoyed their day at school and ate their weight in chocolate. (And so did I...Carmel and Chocolate really cover up the Oxalyplatin taste in my mouth!)
This week, my parents came for my infusion and then my dad left my mom here for the week!    We thoroughly enjoyed each others company.  We did a little shopping..(I love you Tai Pan and Dillards shoe department. ) And some fun projects for Christmas of 2013.  I treasure the time that we have been able to spend together.  I feel so close to her and I am truly blessed to have her as my Mother!  When my Dad came back to pick her up, he and Jeff got their gun fixes spending 3/4 of their day browsing gun stores and shows.  I am happy that they have so much in common.  Luckily they just looked and did not purchase....I spent a wad on some new shoes. (I won't mention how many new pairs are now adorning my closet.)

We were also spoiled once again by our ward with yummy meals and we had 2 Young Men bring me the Sacrament this afternoon, as I stayed home from church.   Once again, we feel so blessed with the support that surrounds us!  We have amazing friends! Today we have just relaxed and enjoyed being together.  It will be fun to have the kids home from school tomorrow as we observe President's Day! 

  And for your viewing pleasure......
Favorite Inappropriate Quotes of the Week, courtesy of my darlings.

Mom, no offense, but you look like crap!

Mom, I love you even though you have Cancer.

Dad!  I think I am having a Hot Flash!  (As he threw his hoodie across the room!)

Primary Chorister..."Tell me something that you feel blessed to hear?"
"Farts...I like the sound of farts, but not the smell of them"
(We need to work on some decorum!)


  1. Now I will always think of Wyatt next time I hear an innapropriate comment in primary! That's awesome. I can't believe you're almost done with this nonsense. Keep it up, you're so close! We love you so much. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I have visited a dillards shoe department w you before...think it was in SLC...u found some Amazing shoes and sales if i remember rt...i was impressed...