Sunday, January 27, 2013

JaNae here...

If this blog had sound effects....we would all be hearing crickets.  I regret being such a slacker...This blog is reminding me of swiss cheese with lots of holes!  Here's to filling a few of them in. 

I cannot believe how fast January has flown by.  We have had good and bad days, although hopefully the good ones are tipping the scale.  I have had a few days where I have felt good enough to do some spring cleaning and organizing.  (To the horror of my children.)  It feels so good to have energy to do normal things, and feel like I have control over the household.  #7 and #8 chemo infusions are under my belt (or fanny pack if you prefer)  and am gearing up for #9 bright and early in the morning.  I am not excited, but as I type Downton Abby is numbing the drudgery!   The last few days I have been able to taste the chemo and feel sick, on demand.    Bleh.  I wish I had super powers to smash that anticipatory nausea out of my brain.  The nausea I feel on treatment week is plenty!

I am  curious to know if my hair will thin again like it did after my 3rd infusion.   My hair is thick and I have been very pleased that it is still hanging around.  I have noticed a little regrowth around my hair line. It is an inch long and sticks up!  And my deformed fingernails have grown out....I just trimmed off the last bumpy, thin and brittle fingernails that were effected by the chemo.  We'll see what the next few rounds bring. 

This past week, I had an appointment with my surgeon for a check-up....and when I say check up....that is exactly what I mean.  (Shudder.)  I didn't sleep the night before, and at the visit my BP was just about heart attack high.  But the visit and exam when quickly and well.....then I skipped out his office with normal blood pressure and a 50 pound weight off my back.  I don't have to go see him for months.  (Insert hallelujah choir here)

I also had the "pleasure" of seeing my psychiatrist.  I am choking down a big black crow, as I feel that the time I spend with her are positive and helpful, even though my attitude toward her has not always been amazing.  She is uplifting and writes me prescriptions for good drugs.....a win-win in my playbook!

And when it comes to drugs....this lady is going to ingest her share momentarily.   I am really exhausted, but have a hard time turning my brain off in order to get to sleep and stay there.  I bet you can imagine my game plan!  :)

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