Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Our fond farewell wishes to the year 2012....a year where we learned and grew more than we ever imagined...(whether we wanted to or not! )  
9:00pm has come and gone at our house.....the ultimate boring time that has been pegged as the turn of the year, so this little family can celebrate, enjoy each others company, and go to sleep at a decent time to insure optimal moods and outlooks on life.  Surprisingly we had a delightful meal on a beautiful table set by Whitney and the little boys.  Whit is the ultimate party planner. We drank our selves silly with sparkling cider, played a few games, and let off some fireworks to frustrate the neighbors.  We know how to party around here!  Luckily our children are still relatively small and easily entertained.  We plan on keeping it that way!

The Pyro Crew
Earlier in the day......we accomplished the first day of Chemo after not so RAD, Radiation!  Jeff seemed to hold most of the anxiety going into the treatment center this morning.  I slept well and felt chipper and surprisingly happy.  I love the nurses at the center...and was excited to see and visit with them in the Chemo Suite.  I found myself trying to remember all of the tricks that I used, to make me more comfortable when all of the Chemotherapy side effects rear their ugly head.  I am confident that they will return to my mind.  

As we got ready to be by the Cancer Center by 8am, we rolled out of bed into a very cold bedroom and realized that our furnace had crapped out during the night.  We left with our children drinking Hot Chocolate and sitting by the fire.  Thanks to some great friends and neighbors, and the warranty on our home we had someone over to check it out in and replace a sensor in no time.  Jeff had to leave me during my infusion to take care of the furnace guy, and came home to happy kids who had again been spoiled by my aunt and uncle, who dropped off a treat.  A good friend came to the hospital to sit with me and then drove me home.......Thanks Adrian! 

And as for my side effects.....I feel a little green and am drugged from the anti-nausea meds.  I have been reunited with my fannypack that is stuffed full of the 5FU cancer fighting magic, and the accessed port that squeeks when I move or breath . They totally, totally bug.   I am also bothered by the smell of Chemo that permeates my body.  (I really hope I am the only one that can smell it.)  The Neuropathy tonight is however minimal.  My hands and feet are sensitive to the cold....but the pain (to cold) that I usually feel in my throat is present on my tongue.  Weird.  I am enjoying some hot flashes that are making me feel old and menopause-ish...but they wax and wane and then disappear.  Definitely tolerable on the Cancer Sucks Scale!  I am happy that today is over and that infusion #7 has been smashed!  I am feeling tired and sore tonight and want to get some good rest in.

I loved this quote from a friend on facebook!  I loved it!  Enjoy! 

Happy, Happy New Year!!!


  1. Glad that you can feel grateful- I am sure you could teach me so much about facing crap. I hope this year wraps it up and is just a blur of a memory so you can move on and remember only how loved you are.


  2. Im glad it went well...ive been a bit behind w the recent blog posts... .loved them and the pictures...u look really and miss u :)