Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yesterday we met with my Oncologist.  I was pleased to meet with her and even more pleased to leave..... without getting a Chemo infusion.  We were in and out quickly after the lab tests (which came back improved) and then Jeff and I spent some time together finishing up our Christmas Shopping.  I am so thankful for him and especially his flexible schedule that allows him to be with me.  My home away from home....aka Mountain States Tumor Institute.... is so much better with support.

Skipping out on Chemo is really boosting my Christmas Spirit. And how nice it is to enjoy this season without a chemotherapy induced stupor.  We have been busy with finishing up with the last week of school with the kids, running holiday errands and sewing and baking/ candy making projects.  It feels so good to feel  decent even though I still tire quickly.  The children are excited for their holiday break, and we are looking forward to spending time together with no school responsibilities and/or homework.  

We have hugged them extra tight this week in wake of the recent tragedy in Connecticut.  I am so thankful that they are safe and here in our home.  I am especially enjoying our sweet Kindergartener and the extra time I have with just him during the day.   He is so loving and kind to me.  He is so good to help me in the afternoon by being easily entertained and often letting me rest.  As I was listening to him play after lunch today, he was pretending that one of his favorite toys (lego dragon) was sick.  According to Wes, his dragon was stricken with cancer and needed to be transported to the hospital for chemotherapy.  I was surprised to hear however that his dragon's treatments were unsuccessful and he bit the dust.  Pitiful that my 6year old includes cancer with his imaginative play.  We need to get out a little more! 

And I am not sure if tonight's activity of "Tap Out" wrestling lessons from the full grown 5th child counts....
Pray for me!  :)

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