Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last week's Chemo #4

Last week JaNae got treatment #4.  She was very anxious prior to going to the hospital but once there, she was able to relax... though she didn't eat much of the food.  I think she's tired of it... So I ordered her a piece of cheese cake and ate it myself.  It was not cheese cake factory but it did taste good and I enjoyed it. The rest of the week went well.  JaNae felt better after the treatment than she had for any prior treatment.  I think that week off gave her a big boost.  Then over the weekend we had some old friends from out of town come to visit us.  It was so much fun, and our kids got along well.  We laughed until our guts hurt.  I was thinking that if laughter is the best medicine, JaNae is probably cured.  It was just so good to see this family and remember the good old days when we lived in an apartment and life felt more like playing house than actual life. We love you guys and hope to get together again soon.

The pump that pumps the poison.
Quilting to pass the time.

The nurse has to wear full safety gear just to inject this stuff.

Reading material and beverage...

P.S.  We received this FART Dictionary from some great friends in Pocatello.  We have enjoyed the laughs that it has provided.  (Allgoods we are behind on Thank-You's....please forgive our rudeness.)
My personal favorite:   The Buzzard Fart....smells so bad that Buzzards circle overhead. 


  1. Just wondering how you can look so darling through all of this! Amazing! Hope things continue to go well!

  2. Just wanted to say I love you guys.

  3. I wish it were Jake and I visiting! Love you guys!!!!

    1. We would love to have you! Drop by anytime.

  4. Such uplifting stuff to read. Those Allgood must all stink!

    Love you JaNae!