Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting ready for RADIATION

The past week has flown by.  We were able to get out of town to hang out in a fancy condo with JaNae's brother and his family for a few days.  We took bikes and got to ride around on very nice paved bike paths through some beautiful areas.  The weather was great and the kids mostly behaved themselves so it was a great weekend.   JaNae was still a little sick from her chemo while I drove but she did well. That night we we all laughing so hard as we all shared our most embarrassing moments that the cancer and chemo were forgotten for a little while.  Laughter is the BEST medicine.  (Things shared are locked in the vault, so don't ask.)

JaNae's 6th round of chemo is this Monday.  Then she'll start taking chemo in a pill form as she starts getting radiation. We went to see the radiation oncologist yesterday and she has another appointment this week to get ready.  They are going to make a cast of her body called a "cradle" that she will lay in so it can hold her in the exact position for every treatment.  She'll get a little tattoo dot that they will line the machine up with to make sure it is in place.  I asked the doctor is she could do a little 4 leaf clover or a heart and then quickly ducked before JaNae smacked me.   She is going to get 25 treatments of radiation over 5 weeks or so depending on how things go.  It will start in about 3 weeks as long as everything is gong well. We have to be flexible because things change.

It is interesting and fascinating to see the psychological changes that take place during chemo.  We once had a friend getting chemo in Salt Lake City who would start getting sick and even throw up as soon as the downtown buildings came into view.  I have found that I have to be careful what I say because if I mention certain things, JaNae gets a wave of nausea and a metallic taste in her mouth.  The scientist in me wants to test this further to see what triggers it... but the compassionate, loving, perfect husband part of me is able to keep it in check.  Hopefully she'll post some photos of our trip soon.  (hint hint)

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