Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What a beautiful sky...

Yesterday I went with her to her treatment and tried to get some photos of her...  (JaNae does not like her picture to be taken.)  I did get one of her on the table before I noticed that she was giving me the international greeting from Top Gun.  I was then threatened with bodily harm if I took any more so I just took a photo of the ceiling.  It has little lights simulating stars on a painted sky so patients can look up and imagine they are lying in the cool grass on a summer evening watching the stars.  Though I'm sure it is hard to relax lying on a cold table with your pants pulled halfway down amid the buzzing of machines.  JaNae sarcastically (imagine that) describes it as, "just like heaven."

So relaxing... to look at fake stars.

The only photo I could get!  This was taken 2 seconds before she gave me a real crusty! 

As you all are aware, Halloween is right around the corner.  We went to a party last night that was put on by a very generous family in our ward.  It's the best party of the year and features sky diving super heroes and a plane flying over dumping out candy on the crowd. Our kids loved getting their faces painted and the hay rides.  There was a scary ride for the older kids and they were startled by the maniac with a chainsaw.  Wyatt ended up sleeping downstairs on the couch though he says it was because he couldn't sleep... not because he was scared.



  1. Oh how I live Whitney! Next time I see a starry night, I will think "oh, I sure wish I were in the cancer center staring at their ceiling instead of this real beauty"

  2. I will hint to the yw/ym that hey need to tone it down ;-)