Monday, October 8, 2012

Give Me a Break!

I have been looking forward to this week for quite some time.  It was about 2 1/2 months ago that I got a free week because my liver enzymes were a little crazy.  A free week meaning that I had 3 whole weeks in between Chemotherapy infusions.  A free week is heavenly....I start feeling like myself.  No nausea, decreased Neuropathy and cold sensitivity in my hands and feet, a little more energy to get caught up on things around the house.  (There are lots of things that get put on the back burner, or pretty much shoved into a closet for another day, ie. laundry, ironing, bathroom floor that looks like it belongs to Sasquatch...etc...)  But to be a total whiner, Thursday morning I started feeling some scratchiness in my throat, and by Saturday I had a full fledged cold and cough with a head that felt like it was 100 lbs.  It peaked Sunday and I spent the day on the couch.  We were blessed to enjoy General Conference together as a family, although I think I watched a minute amount because I couldn't stay awake.  I am going to have to catch up when the Ensign arrives in our mailbox.  I have been of course, frustrated at my retarded immune system and mad that this hideous cold came on my off week, and the treasured week that I finally feel good, but I am thankful that I don't have a cold and pant peeing cough, on top of nausea. 

I am still feeling cruddy today and this evening, but enjoyed a beautiful nap this morning after the kids left for school.   I am sure that there is no where to go but up....especially after my dreaded appointment with my surgeon in the morning.  He is going to violate check the anastomosis.... lay mans terms....he is going to look up my butt at the surgical site.  ( I can't believe I just wrote that!  My apologies for most of you....TMI as far as you are concerned!)  Anyone want to trade me places?  All I know is that I am going to hide some zanax, cinnamon candy, chocolate,  and soda in the car and drown my embarrassment on the drive home.  It is going to be epic!!! 

In closing, I thought I would include a Top Ten List of our latest happenings. 

1.  General Conference...totally has to be #1.  Instead of being semi-annually, why can't it be quarterly?  I am going to write the 1st Presidency.  We were inspired, uplifted and energized while in our P.J.'s, and thankful that we didn't contract Diabetes because of all the sugar we ate. 

2. Good, good friends coming to visit the Cancer Patient. This may be the very best part of this whole journey!  We are so blessed and feel so loved, especially when we sneak into the travelers hotel pool and forget we have children as we tell stories and laugh ourselves silly!  Love you Eddie's!

3.  Walker pulling hair out of almost every meal that is served to him.  For some strange reason, it is only him that finds it!  Poor Kid.  And seriously, it seems like Sasquatch has invaded our house and shed it's winter coat.  I truly am blessed to have a mop on top of my head....but for all that we find and clean up, I am surprised at what is still left on my scalp. 

4.  Whitney using my "Cancer Card" to get out of stuff at school.  She has been habitually forgetting her violin for Orchestra Class.  Her excuse has been that her Mom has cancer and has not been good at reminding her to bring it. What a stinker!

5.  Downton Abbey Season 3 sneak peek!  It doesn't air until January, but I have friends (and sisters) in high places.  Man, that show is good.  Just the right amount of drama + smuttiness to keep me happy.  (Maybe this should be #2?)  Here's the Link.....And you are so, so welcome!

6.  Wes the Kindergartener, who is not yet reading, has aquired quite the knack for recognizing all of the "letters" from my doctors.  He is becoming quite the fun sucker as all the "letters" are big fat bills!  :) 

7.  Whitney taking over Family Home Evening.  It is so great to have kids old enough to give a lesson, and Whit is the queen!  She is going to make a superb missionary and mother someday.  Our favorite part of her Word of Wisdom Lesson was calling a picture of Campbells soup, Cannibal soup repeatedly. 

8.  "JaNae Feels Like Crap, Wish the Kids Had Something To Do" Box.  Pretty much the best thing on earth.  Holly and Darrin nailed it.  Here is one candy necklace masterpiece from the box from heaven.....(Minus the Fruit Loops that were enhaled way too fast for the licorice string.)

9.  My fabric stash.....I have enough to keep me quilting for 10 years.   It is honestly my Meth!  But, I need to avoid anymore fabric stores like the plague.  My sister Jill will read this one with a smile on her face.  She would rather pluck out her eyelashes that be caught dead in a fabric store.  Dillards shoe department here we come!  

10.  Last but not least, Cancer Casualties.  Wyatt's Crab, "Point" was under the best care of this summer....I was placed in charge while Wyatt galavanted with cousins.  Long story short, "Point" went straight to heaven, because of little dehydration, and I still feel guilty about it.  Not guilty enough to drive down to the pet store, dry heaving at the smell of pet food,  and let him pick another one out.  Hopefully he knows that I love him enough to admit that my platter is full.  Wes and Wyatt dug a groovy shallow grave along the bank of the creek that is in our back yard with weed pullers.  Good, Good Times. 




  1. JaNae,
    Just heard about you and read your blog. I am so sorry that you have to endure this. You are a trooper with such a great attitude and determination. I am praying for you.
    Elizabeth Quick

  2. JaNae & Jeff ...

    I've been stalking your blog for a while now on Justin's behalf, he thinks of you often. Today I had the urge to post as I saw a car that made me think of you. In BIG letters on the back window was the message "NO MORE CHEMO!" ... This made me think of you and our prayers that sooner rather than later you will be able to post the same message all over your car and drive around town with a huge smile.
    Thinking of you often.
    Melanie & Justin