Monday, October 22, 2012

Week #2

As I sit here tonight, digesting the 10 pills that I pulled out of my granny pill boxes, I am excited to be on Radiation Week #2.  The first week was good to get behind me...(no pun intended)....I was able to get rid of the smokers cough that plagued me and blow the radiation/chemo thing out of the water.  At least with my hind sight (again, no pun intended) it was good.  I did have a roller coaster of emotions hit me.  I hope it is acceptable to go from sad, angry, totally peeved, to clam, accepting and them peaceful and happy all within 5 minutes. I think that it is all part of this whole process, but it is rather exhausting and a amusement park ride that I wanted to exit months ago as I embraced this diagnosis and journey. But I survived and felt halfway decent and am hoping that this week will treat me the same.  And by surviving, I include not attacking a young whipper snapper that stole my parking spot on the way into the cancer center, and not poking the eyes of a cute little granny that has her radiation appointment just before mine.  She has asked me a few times if I work in the radiation dept...I have been polite, but I have wanted to scream that I am here for the same crap that she is.   On Friday the radiation machine was down and I was surprised to see the entire waiting room plum full when I arrived.  Thankfully, I only had to wait 40 minutes to receive my zapping and was pleased that I did not have to reschedule... I am hopeful that I will not have to postpone or prolong any more of this "blessed" treatment! 

Today, things at home and treatment went well.  Our oldest stayed home from school as he was ill with the stomach flu.  (We are praying that he is the only one that is affected.)  By afternoon he was feeling a little better and was helpful with our youngest, especially when I partook of my daily nap that keeps me afloat.   I do keep chuckling about a conversation that came up this morning.  As I ran to my "office" for the 5th time in one hour, I yelled, "I need a rectum!"  The kids had a good laugh and our oldest in his infinite wisdom asked if I could ever get a rectum transplant.  I corrected him on the proper terminology, that would be rectal, rather than rectum.....(cause I am smart like that)....and then was completely disgusted about the thought of a transplant.  And then our conversation unfortunately turned to the thought of an animal in a monkey or a pig.  And I wholeheartedly and partial colon-ly exclaimed that the last thing that I needed was a pig or monkey butt.  His response was..."Oh Mom, I am sure they would hose it off before they put it in!"  We are seriously still laughing! 

And on a more serious note....
Tonight Jeff and I sat down with our children for our little Family Home Evening...aka organized chaos.  We pulled the Cancer Card that is becoming well used and watched a few Mormon Messages.  When it comes  to the history of Johnson FHE's, besides times when the kids actually fell asleep or were sick and drugged, tonight's behavior was commendable.  Our favorites of course were Things I Learned as a Boy and The Coat.  As we watched these together as a family, tears streamed down our cheeks as we felt the spirit of charity and thought of how we have been blessed by all those that surround and lift us up.  I am so thankful that I don't have to endure this journey alone....and hope that through the service that has been rendered in our families behalf, that all of you have been blessed as well.  It has been humbling to be on the charity side of things, but we are so incredibly grateful.  Our love to you all!


  1. you are an amazing woman! I have such wonderful, crazy, spiritual and laughing our heads off at girls camp memories to last a lifetime.Remember Madonna? That was wicked good fun. We were so silly, rolling in our tent and laughing until our stomach's hurt. I am so sorry that you are having to experience the "C" word. I admire your spirit and your wit. Thank goodness for the Gospel, the plan of Salvation, a loving Father in Heaven and a sense of humor. I think of you daily and the mountain that you are climbing.You and your beautiful family are in my prayers daily! You have always had a very special place in my heart! Lots of love to you! By the way, where are you?

  2. You are AWESOME! I love your posts, not that I don't love reading Jeff's! Ha! Sending love to you.

  3. Isn't it awesome to have cancer of the butt? So many ready-made jokes.

    I'm a little upset that there was no mention of the "nodule" near the anastomosis site when I talked to you. I don't like the word "nodule". Please stop having nodules.

    I'm glad your cold, that so conveniently co-existed with the nice case of cancer that you have, didn't kill you. What a sad way to die. :)

    Almost got week 2 down! Woot!

  4. I, Caprice, the pillar of decency and prudeness (well, not after being in this family for 7 years) had to chuckle to myself reading about monkey bums being washed off before transplant. Pretty funny! Thanks for sharing those Mormon messages. Jonathan and I bawled through them.